Founded in 1939, the Sight & Hearing Association is dedicated to enabling lifetime learning 
by identifying preventable loss of vision and hearing for all Minnesotans.


Sunday , February , 19 2017
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Our 2015 Outcomes

In 2015, Sight & Hearing Association provided vision and hearing screenings to:

  • 5,000+ adults
  • 4,958 preschool children
  • 3,833 school-age children
  • 289 infants/toddlers

In 2015, educational information on vision and hearing health was provided by Sight & Hearing Association to:

  • 8,000+ Parents
  • 7,000+ Adults at Community and Corporate Health Events
  • 400+ Early Childhood educators


Vision Voucher Project for Kids Results

Sight & Hearing Association’s Vision Voucher Project for Kids was created in 2002 to help low-income, uninsured and underinsured children in need of follow-up vision care. A vision voucher provides a free eye exam and eyeglasses to a child in need. In 2015, eight out of ten children we screened lived at or below poverty level. Vision vouchers were provided to 1,076 children.